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The fastest way to turn photos into 3D models

Spase is the platform for businesses to buy 3D models. We help owners of online shops digitize their inventory in days.


Upload photos

Drop in your product images or product URLs.


Get a 3D model

See your product's digital twin in 3 days.


Wow your customers

Show your product in 3D & AR, and blow your customers' minds.

It's Fast

We make models from
your existing photos

Don't worry about hunting down CAD files or blueprints. Just share photos or a link to your product, and we'll return the model.

Why Now

A Model Is Worth 1000 Pictures

The world's smartest e-commerce companies know they need the best visuals to beat the competition.

"Customers who viewed a 3D model are 25% more likely to buy."

- Alex Hamilton

"We're at an inflection point, where 3D visualization tech initially developed for gaming and visual effects are beginning to transform the retail experience."

- Ross McKegney

"3D enables a completely new way to shop for your home."

- Sally Huang

"Whenever anyone asks what they need to do to get ready for the future, I say make digital twins of everything in your inventory."

- Timoni West

"The biggest blocker right now is how merchants get 3D models of their products."

- Daniel Beauchamp

"As we ventured further into AR and VR territory, we realized that visualization tech was not the barrier. The bottleneck was the dearth of 3D content out there."

- Shrenik Sadalgi
Did We Mention It's Fast

Our 3D models work

Spase makes 3D assets that work on any device. We use the GLTF and USDZ file formats which work on the desktop web, smartphone augmented reality, and headset virtual reality.

The price is right

Our pricing is incredibly simple and flexible

Shops of all sizes need digital twins of their products, so we have a flexible pricing system for projects of any size.

See Pricing


Minutes from photos to price quote


Completed projects


Days from photos to final model

It Just Works

A one-stop shop for 3D models

Spase is the fastest complete solution.


Universal portable format

High-poly mesh geometry

PBR material and texture


Works across web browsers

Works with touch and trackpad

Works on Apple and Android AR


Fast link sharing

Instant file search

Unlimited model storage

Let's talk business

Get started with Spase to
power your strategy for

From making one model for a proof-of-concept, to thousands for all the SKUs in your inventory, Spase gets the job done.