Frequently asked questions

And rapid fire answers.

How does Spase work?

Photos in, Model out.

It's really that simple?


How quick is your turnaround time?

Three days for single-digit size orders. Larger orders on a custom schedule.

How are models made?

With 3D modeling software, rendering software, and imagination.

What makes Spase different?

The level of photorealism.

What is a GLB file? What about USDZ?

GLB is the standard for 3D model files. Like PNG for photos. USDZ is another standard by Apple. Spase delivers both.

How do I load the model in my store?

Via Shopify's 3D media drag & drop tool. Or via the Google model viewer. For developers, it's a breeze.

What about photogrammetry? I've heard about photogrammetry.

3D files made by photogrammetry often end up in the uncanny valley.

How do I get started?

Check out the order dashboard, or check out some samples.