Frequently asked questions

And rapid fire answers

How does Spase work?

Photos in, Model out.

It's really that simple?


How quick is your turnaround time?

Three days to a week for single-digit size orders. Larger orders on a custom schedule.

How are models made?

With 3D modeling software, rendering software, and meshware engineering.

What makes Spase different?

Speed, simplicity, and quality.

What is a GLB file? What about USDZ?

GLB is the standard for 3D model files. Like PNG for photos. USDZ is another standard by Apple. Spase delivers both.

How do I load the model in my store?

Via Shopify's 3D media drag & drop tool. Or via the Google model viewer. For developers, it's a breeze.

What about photogrammetry and 3D scanning?

3D files made by photogrammetry lack PBR textures and have imperfect geometry. However, they're a good rough draft, which makes them useful as input for a new project.

Does Spase work with Google Swirl's 3D ad format?

Yes, and Spase models meet Google Swirl's stringent 3D model requirements, from polygon count to texture size.

Does Spase work with Unity and Unreal?

Yes, Spase creates GLB models that can be imported into both the Unity and Unreal game engines.

How do I get started?

Check out the order dashboard, or check out some samples.